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Paying ATTENTION...® to people and their money  

Each quarter, Paying ATTENTION...® provides revealing data about trends among credit unions in Georgia taken from a representative sample of credit unions. Statistics gathered from a consumer survey are also included to highlight concerns and trends among Georgia consumers.

Current Issue

Georgia Credit Unions See Continued Loan Growth in Third Quarter

Edition 17: Second Quarter of 2014 Shows Georgia Credit Union Members in the Mood to Buy
Edition 16: Report: Georgians Purchase More Big-Ticket Items, Consumer Confidence Rising
Edition 15: Increased Lending At Georgia Credit Unions Signals Economic Turnaround, Report Suggests
Edition 14: Georgians Buy More Cars as Confidence Builds, New Report Shows
Edition 13: Report: Consumer Spending in Georgia Fueled by Sustained Economic Improvements
Edition 12: Report: Georgians Stabilize Savings, Return to Spending
Edition 11: Georgians Rebound from Recession, Purchase New Vehicles
Edition 10: Georgians Strengthen Savings, Continue to Spend Wisely
Edition 9: Prudent Georgians Gravitate to Credit Unions, Look to Save Money
Edition 8: Georgians Finally Put Away Old Keys, Buy More New Vehicles
Edition 7: Report: Georgia Consumers' Savings, Financial Prudence Increase
Edition 6: Georgia Consumers Continue Trend of Saving, Reducing Borrowing
Edition 5: Report: Georgians Saving More, But Most Lack Enough To Cover Long-Term Expenses
Edition 4: Report: Georgia Consumers Reluctant to Spend, Look to Bolster Savings
Edition 3: Georgians Adjusting to 'New Normal' with Cautious Spending, Doubts on Economic Turnaround
Edition 2: Georgians' Holiday Spending Plans Reflect Current Consumer Mindset
Edition 1: Poll: Georgians Cautiously Optimistic on Spending, Financial Future