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Published monthly, Consider This...® explores a current topic affecting consumers in each issue, and shares insight from thought leaders as well as questions to pique the interest of journalists across the state.

Current Issue

Does the Economy Affect Holiday Traditions?

Volume 2014 Edition 57: Switching to a Credit Union
Volume 2014 Edition 56: Making Extra Cash for the Holidays
Volume 2014 Edition 55: Take Steps to Guard Against Identity Fraud
Volume 2014 Edition 54: The Value of a College Education
Volume 2014 Edition 53: Helping People Afford Life
Volume 2014 Edition 52: Bringing Home Baby
Volume 2014 Edition 51: Tidying Up Your Financial House
Volume 2014 Edition 50: Finding Value in the Hunt for a New or Used Car
Volume 2014 Edition 49: Salary Negotiations: Does It Pay to Ask for More?
Volume 2014 Edition 48: Budgeting: Turn Resolution Into Reality
Volume 2013 Edition 47: Starting Smart: Smart Money Moves When You Are Just Starting Out
Volume 2013 Edition 46: Holiday Spending to Stay About the Same This Year
Volume 2013 Edition 45: Is It Time to Trade-In Your Lender?
Volume 2013 Edition 44: Coming to the End of the No-Spend Trend?
Volume 2013 Edition 43: Financial Literacy: Are Young Adults Prepared to Face Their Financial Future?
Volume 2013 Edition 42: Mobile Banking: From Innovative Trend to Staple Service?
Volume 2013 Edition 41: Student Loan Debt: What's the Plan?
Volume 2013 Edition 40: Are Vacations Making a Comeback?
Volume 2013 Edition 39: Expecting the Unexpected: Ways to Save for a Rainy Day
Volume 2013 Edition 38: Making Your Own Luck: Finding Ways to Save on Home and Auto Loans
Volume 2013 Edition 37: Tax Refunds: Will They Be a Savings Solution?
Volume 2013 Edition 36: Paying Off Holiday Debt: Will Georgians Start the New Year With an Old Problem?
Volume 2012 Edition 35: Wising Up: Georgians Learn Important Money Lessons
Volume 2012 Edition 34: Holiday Spending: Most Georgians Plan to Hold at 2011 Levels, Despite Slight Rise Overall
Volume 2012 Edition 33: Is Breaking Up with Your Bank Really Hard to Do?
Volume 2012 Edition 32: How Can People Afford Life in Today's Economy?
Volume 2012 Edition 31: Getting By With Less: How Content Are Georgians With Their Income?
Volume 2012 Edition 30: What Happened to the American Dream? The Changing Landscape of Home Ownership
Volume 2012 Edition 29: Mobile Banking: The Future of Convenience?
Volume 2012 Edition 28: Student Loan Debt: The Payback Is Biting Back
Volume 2012 Edition 27: Vacations in 2012: The End of the Staycation?
Volume 2012 Edition 26: The Driving Forces of Car Buying in 2012
Volume 2012 Edition 25: How Much Does Your Tax Refund Cost You?
Volume 2011 Edition 24: Do Financial Planners Benefit Middle-Class America?
Volume 2011 Edition 23: Recession-Recovery Resolutions: What Will Make Most People's 2012 List?
Volume 2011 Edition 22: Cash is King for Holiday Shoppers: Most Georgians Will Choose Cash Over Cards
Volume 2011 Edition 21: Changing Financial Instititutions: Is Breaking Up Too Hard to Do?
Volume 2011 Edition 20: Where Are Consumers Getting Their Financial Education?
Volume 2011 Edition 19: Living on Less: Lowering Expenses and Maintaining Quality of Life
Volume 2011 Edition 18: Net Worth: How Much Should It Be And How Can You Make It Grow?
Volume 2011 Edition 17: College Costs in an Unsettling Economy
Volume 2011 Edition 16: Vacation Season: On the Road Again?
Volume 2011 Edition 15: Car Buying Season: Lease vs. Purchase
Volume 2011 Edition 14: From Free to Fee - Is Free Checking a Thing of the Past?
Volume 2011 Edition 13: Avoiding Refund Risks and Regrets - Making the Most of Your Tax Refund
Volume 2010 Edition 12: Economy Spurs New Approach to Making Resolutions
Volume 2010 Edition 11: How High is the Cost of Making More Money?
Volume 2010 Edition 10: Holiday Season: Bleak or Bright
Volume 2010 Edition 9: How High Is the Cost of a Low Credit Score?
Volume 2010 Edition 8: Paying Online – What Do Consumers Need to Know to Stay Safe?
Volume 2010 Edition 7: Georgians Take a Second Look at Their Retirement Savings
Volume 2010 Edition 6: What Does New Overdraft Legislation Mean to Consumers?
Volume 2010 Edition 5: Starting Over: Recovering from a Life Crisis
Volume 2010 Edition 4: When and How Does Credit Counseling Help
Volume 2010 Edition 3: The True Cost of Buying a Car
Volume 2010 Edition 2: Seeking Ways to Save in a Tough Economy
Volume 2010 Edition 1: How Do Financial Institutions Contribute to National Security?