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Consider This...® Tips & Topics  

Published monthly, Consider This...® explores a current topic affecting consumers in each issue, and shares insight from thought leaders as well as questions to pique the interest of journalists across the state.

Current Issue

Sticking to a Family Budget!

Volume 2014 Edition 59: Planning for a Wedding?
Volume 2014 Edition 58: Does the Economy Affect Holiday Traditions?
Volume 2014 Edition 57: Switching to a Credit Union
Volume 2014 Edition 56: Making Extra Cash for the Holidays
Volume 2014 Edition 55: Take Steps to Guard Against Identity Fraud
Volume 2014 Edition 54: The Value of a College Education
Volume 2014 Edition 53: Helping People Afford Life
Volume 2014 Edition 52: Bringing Home Baby
Volume 2014 Edition 51: Tidying Up Your Financial House
Volume 2014 Edition 50: Finding Value in the Hunt for a New or Used Car
Volume 2014 Edition 49: Salary Negotiations: Does It Pay to Ask for More?
Volume 2014 Edition 48: Budgeting: Turn Resolution Into Reality
Volume 2013 Edition 47: Starting Smart: Smart Money Moves When You Are Just Starting Out
Volume 2013 Edition 46: Holiday Spending to Stay About the Same This Year
Volume 2013 Edition 45: Is It Time to Trade-In Your Lender?
Volume 2013 Edition 44: Coming to the End of the No-Spend Trend?
Volume 2013 Edition 43: Financial Literacy: Are Young Adults Prepared to Face Their Financial Future?
Volume 2013 Edition 42: Mobile Banking: From Innovative Trend to Staple Service?
Volume 2013 Edition 41: Student Loan Debt: What's the Plan?
Volume 2013 Edition 40: Are Vacations Making a Comeback?
Volume 2013 Edition 39: Expecting the Unexpected: Ways to Save for a Rainy Day
Volume 2013 Edition 38: Making Your Own Luck: Finding Ways to Save on Home and Auto Loans
Volume 2013 Edition 37: Tax Refunds: Will They Be a Savings Solution?
Volume 2013 Edition 36: Paying Off Holiday Debt: Will Georgians Start the New Year With an Old Problem?
Volume 2012 Edition 35: Wising Up: Georgians Learn Important Money Lessons
Volume 2012 Edition 34: Holiday Spending: Most Georgians Plan to Hold at 2011 Levels, Despite Slight Rise Overall
Volume 2012 Edition 33: Is Breaking Up with Your Bank Really Hard to Do?
Volume 2012 Edition 32: How Can People Afford Life in Today's Economy?
Volume 2012 Edition 31: Getting By With Less: How Content Are Georgians With Their Income?
Volume 2012 Edition 30: What Happened to the American Dream? The Changing Landscape of Home Ownership
Volume 2012 Edition 29: Mobile Banking: The Future of Convenience?
Volume 2012 Edition 28: Student Loan Debt: The Payback Is Biting Back
Volume 2012 Edition 27: Vacations in 2012: The End of the Staycation?
Volume 2012 Edition 26: The Driving Forces of Car Buying in 2012
Volume 2012 Edition 25: How Much Does Your Tax Refund Cost You?
Volume 2011 Edition 24: Do Financial Planners Benefit Middle-Class America?
Volume 2011 Edition 23: Recession-Recovery Resolutions: What Will Make Most People's 2012 List?
Volume 2011 Edition 22: Cash is King for Holiday Shoppers: Most Georgians Will Choose Cash Over Cards
Volume 2011 Edition 21: Changing Financial Instititutions: Is Breaking Up Too Hard to Do?
Volume 2011 Edition 20: Where Are Consumers Getting Their Financial Education?
Volume 2011 Edition 19: Living on Less: Lowering Expenses and Maintaining Quality of Life
Volume 2011 Edition 18: Net Worth: How Much Should It Be And How Can You Make It Grow?
Volume 2011 Edition 17: College Costs in an Unsettling Economy
Volume 2011 Edition 16: Vacation Season: On the Road Again?
Volume 2011 Edition 15: Car Buying Season: Lease vs. Purchase
Volume 2011 Edition 14: From Free to Fee - Is Free Checking a Thing of the Past?
Volume 2011 Edition 13: Avoiding Refund Risks and Regrets - Making the Most of Your Tax Refund
Volume 2010 Edition 12: Economy Spurs New Approach to Making Resolutions
Volume 2010 Edition 11: How High is the Cost of Making More Money?
Volume 2010 Edition 10: Holiday Season: Bleak or Bright
Volume 2010 Edition 9: How High Is the Cost of a Low Credit Score?
Volume 2010 Edition 8: Paying Online – What Do Consumers Need to Know to Stay Safe?
Volume 2010 Edition 7: Georgians Take a Second Look at Their Retirement Savings
Volume 2010 Edition 6: What Does New Overdraft Legislation Mean to Consumers?
Volume 2010 Edition 5: Starting Over: Recovering from a Life Crisis
Volume 2010 Edition 4: When and How Does Credit Counseling Help
Volume 2010 Edition 3: The True Cost of Buying a Car
Volume 2010 Edition 2: Seeking Ways to Save in a Tough Economy
Volume 2010 Edition 1: How Do Financial Institutions Contribute to National Security?