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What Is a Credit Union?
  Information on the history of the credit union movement, why credit unions are a safe place for your money, credit union statistics and more
Credit Union Statistics
  Statistics about credit unions. Click here to view the Georgia Credit Union Profile Report as of third quarter 2014.
Consider This...®
  Consider This... is a monthly resource for Georgia’s financial and consumer media. Each month, Consider This... will feature a different topic related to the financial industry in Georgia along with resources that can help media representatives develop stories, such as quotes from insiders, consumer video interviews and links to relevant sources.
Paying Attention®
  Paying Attention is a quarterly report to media that highlights statewide credit union statistics and consumer insight gathered from recent surveys and member polls.
Helping People Afford Life Outreach Report
  Click the link above to see the Helping People Afford Life 2014 Outreach Report, illustrating the impact credit unions consistently make on their members and their communities. Click here for an archive page with links to the above report and past issues of the REAL Deal Outreach Report.
Credit Union Happenings and Media Coverage
  News releases from credit unions, and news about credit unions in the media
GCUA News Releases
  News releases from the Affiliates
Setting the Record Straight
  The truth about some common misconceptions about credit unions
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